.MY Domain Registry Terms

Registrant is responsible for the accuracy of ALL the information stated in the form. MYNIC reserves the right to revoke the domain at any time without prior written notice to the Registrant should MYNIC find any of the information supplied in the form to be correct/inaccurate.

The DNS servers should be running 24 hours.

The Administrative Contact have to notify domains@ionbytes.net or directly domreg@mynic.net.my should any of the registered information change.

The party requesting registration of the domain name certifies that, to her/his knowledge, the use of this name does not violate trademark or other statutes. Registering a domain name does not confer any legal rights to that name and any disputes between parties over the rights to use a particular domain name are to be settled between the contending parties using normal legal methods. MYNIC does not act as arbiter of disputes.

Payment must me made directly to IonKLIK Network.

For additional information, please refer to MYNIC website.