About Us

IonKlik Network has been providing the most reliable shared hosting services across the world since 2007. We offer a wide range of web hosting packages that is tailored to customers’ requirements with great value-for-money services at great prices. IonKlik Network servers are advanced infrastructures that are uniquely configured and carefully designed to host your websites to deliver outstanding performance and security. Our servers are compact, reliable and affordable – thus accessible even to small and medium sized web hosting companies.

IonKlik Network also provides domain registration services and email hosting as well as Virtual Private Server services at very competitive prices to stay ahead of the industry. Rigid packages can greatly affect costs and balloon a customers’ budget thus we like to think that IonKlik Network is a dynamic company that moves with the times; and this is evident through our reselling services where re-sellers are still able to service third-party customers at very attractive rates. For your ‘unique’ experience, contact our sales department and/or team member(s) to discuss your requirements and needs at http://www.ionbytes.net/contact-us/

However, standard packages are still available for hassle-free and speedy set-ups.

Apart from these benefits, IonKlik Network also provides full customer support to overcome the difficulties of the clients and its users. We are proud to say that such value-for-money support had gained us loyal customers with long subscription track records throughout the years. Without charge, we will ensure content of your websites are as close to the visitors to optimize load times and increase browsing pleasure, regardless the amount of traffic your site is handling. Changing hosting providers? Not sure how to transfer your content? We will facilitate data transfer and migration from your previous server
to the current one – with minimum disturbance and hassle-free!